My Survival Kit

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I've been thinking of writing one of these posts for a while now, but it wasn't until Man Crates contacted me about putting together my survival kit that it finally came to be. So I've put together my 5 items that I simply could not live without, and decided to keep my list to contain items that stick true to TPC. Without further ado, here is my survival kit:

(And if you get the chance, check out Man Crates! They're these awesome gift packages for men that make shopping for the man/men in your life easy!)

1. Coffee

For anyone who knows me well, they'd understand why this is number one on my list. I cannot function without coffee. As in, I'm barely human before I've had my first cup of the day. I've also become somewhat of a collector of cute mugs these past few years, because who doesn't love coffee in an adorable mug??

2. Bright Lipstick
As I've mentioned before on TPC, vibrant lipstick is a bit of a trademark for me. Or any lip color in general. I never leave the house without some color on, and I definitely have too many lipsticks to count! Some of my favorites are: Fifth Ave. Fuchsia by Maybelline, Posy Pink by Smashbox, Really Red by Revlon, and Vibrant Mandarin by Maybelline. 

3. My Watch(es)

Do you ever look to your wrist and find nothing there, but maybe a freckle or two? Yea. I know how you feel. That's exactly what I do anytime I'm not wearing one of my watches (which is basically never). It drives me cra-zy not to have one of them on or to not know the time.

4. My Planner
Alright, I'll come out with it. I'm OCD. Organizational OCD. I don't know when exactly it started, but now I'm an organizing freak. Naturally, this means I like to have my week organized neatly in my handy planner. It helps me keep everything together and allows me to create little To Do lists that keep me focused on what I need to accomplish throughout my week. 

5. Gap Denim
I know this one is a little broad, but I honestly could not survive winter without my Gap jeans. And summer without my Gap shorts. Shopping for denim bottoms was always a source of great stress for me since most stores didn't make jeans for short girls with booties. I've noticed in the past couple of years they've gotten better, but Gap always pulled through with quality denim that fit my proportions. You can check out some of my posts with Gap denim here, here, here, and here

There you have it! My survival kit! What items would be in your survival kit? I'd love to hear. And don't forget, check out Man Crates- they're really great, creative gifts for men! 

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