About Me

What started as a creative outlet, The Petite Chronicles has now turned into my reason for getting dressed everyday in clothes other than yoga pants and hoodies. As a (fairly) recent college grad and English teacher, I shop for clothes that will fit a petite (but curvy!) gal, while not breaking the bank. 

Here are some tidbits about myself:
I love anything with polka dots.
I can't get enough of my curly-haired, handsome husband.
I Read. Nonstop.
Black labs in my opinion, are the best dogs ever.
I love sunshine in the morning.
Mac and Cheese is my favorite meal.
My faith is the center of my life.
Flowers are my weakness.
Blazers, in all of their glory are my go-to style item.
COFFEE (As in, I could not drink enough to save my life)

That's only a little glimpse into who I am (essentially a 5 year old in an adult body). I hope you'll stop by and follow me and my style chronicles!