Wednesday, August 7, 2013

As the title of this posts states, I'm moving. Well, moving back to school that is. Remember when I couldn't believe how quickly this week was approaching? Move in week never fails at sneaking up on me. Since I'm going back this weekend, virtually all of my clothes are in suitcases and my shoes are stacked precariously in my laundry basket. 

So what does this mean for my wardrobe? Going full-on college student this week. Yoga pants and t-shirts reign supreme when I'm not at work. I'm itching to get to school and unleash my hefty wardrobe in my little closet. It will make this organizing-freak pretty crazy for a couple of days! 

What I would like to do in this post is ask you lovely readers what exactly you would like to see from TPC. More posts about beauty? Outfit pictures? More of the same ol' stuff? Let me know and I will whip up some brand new posts once I get settled into my new (old) home!