Friday, August 16, 2013

After a week back, I can say I've settled in, but haven't quite figured out a rhythm to my new life. It's very different (and difficult!) waking up before 7 am every day. Not to mention, I have to start thinking by 8am! I've been pretty spoiled when it comes to school schedules. 

Past freshman year, I never once scheduled an 8 am class. Mainly because I know I can hardly say "Good Morning" without needing a cup of coffee first. Let alone actually thinking and participating in class. This year, that all will change. This year, I'm no longer spoiled. But change is refreshing (As I secretly panic a little about ALL of the changes!). Speaking of change, my hair is now a couple inches shorter. That change though, I was calm about. Have a happy weekend everyone! Expect regular posting to resume (hopefully) next week!

Top: LOFT | Necklace: White House Black Market | Clutch: Thrifted | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: Betsey Johnson | Pants: Marshall's | Sandals: Steve Madden