The BIG 2-1!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Seeing as I took the day off, this is a belated birthday post. Although it was yesterday, I still want to share it with y'all because it was a pretty awesome day! My mom and I started it off with getting pedicures and doing a bit of shopping. Then we sort of just hung out until dinner since we got back mid-afternoon from our shopping trip. We went out to dinner to Bravo's, it's this pretty nice Italian restaurant that has delicious bread and a nice selection of martinis ;) 
I was SO excited to buy my first drink (a flirtini! I'm so girlie, I know!) and it was really good! Of course, I got carded, which made my night. After an enjoyable dinner, we came home and opened presents and sang happy birthday and ate the birthday brownies. (side note: between graduations and other birthdays, we've had PLENTY of cake!) I had a really wonderful day and I was so happy to spend it with my family and I can't wait to go to school and celebrate again with my friends!
Pardon some fuzzy pictures, but my parents are not the best photographers!

Tiara: Gift for 18th Birthday
Dress: J.Crew (thrifted-and altered by me!)
Earrings and Bracelet: Sabika (Birthday present from my mom!!)
Sandals: New York & Co. 
Great news! As you can see from a couple pictures up, I got a TRIPOD!!! I'm legit, now!!! I will tell you what I mean by that another day, but this means better and more frequent outfit photos!! Yippee!
I'll leave you with a funny story: I had half of my martini and I got up to go to the restroom and I almost slipped on the tiles (sometimes I hate wearing those sandals) and my dad was all worried that I was already tipsy! (which was NOT the case!)