Sunday, July 15, 2012

The title of this post is appropriate in several ways: 1. I feel like my eyes are hiding behind these long bangs, like a sheepdog, man I can't wait to get my hair cut! 2. Behind me is normally my inordinate amount of makeup (yes, I'll admit to my make up addiction) that I took measures to move out of the picture. Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to show you the full amount! 3. Also "hiding" are the stacks of magazines, books, etc. that have yet to find a home in my tiny room. There you have it! Lots of hiding going on around here folks, but no seeking! Hey, my cleaning up for you means a lot considering I don't do so normally ;) 

Shirt: J.Crew (thrifted)
Shorts: New York & Co.
Watch: Style & Co.
Shoes: Target (on sale!)

I hope y'all have had a lovely weekend! Mine was spent relaxing quite a bit and I re-learned how to use my sewing machine! YAY! My first project was to alter a J.Crew dress I thrifted because the straps were a little too long (short people problems). I was SO nervous, but it actually turned out great! Be sure to check back tomorrow for a look at my birthday outfit (aka this awesome dress) ;) Have a great rest of your weekend!!