Friday, June 19, 2015

As a recent college grad, the transition from little-to-no income to a salary has been an adjustment. While a fantastic adjustment, it means I've had to learn to budget myself differently. The sudden income of money has more often than not resulted in (several) shopping sprees. While this is fun and rewarding for my hard work, I've noticed a shift in my shopping from "needs," to "wants" or "compulsions." My desire to keep adding increases, and my well-earned income decreases.

Since I'm getting married in about a year (eeek!!), I really need to start concentrating on saving as much money as I can and practicing good spending habits when it comes to my wardrobe. As such, I've decided to set up a challenge for myself: not to shop for 30 days. I want to use this time to focus on wearing what I own and not worrying/obsessing about what I want to own.

I think this challenge will teach me to focus more on what I have in my closet, and to mix and match those pieces, instead of constantly buying new ones. Not to mention, I will have more money to put towards saving for our wedding/honeymoon/house! Have you ever done a no-shopping challenge? Do you think it helped you in the long run?

Hat: Forever 21 | Sunnies: LOFT | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Top & Shorts: LOFT | Purse: J.Crew (thrifted) | Sandals: Topshop

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