Spring Favorites

Monday, March 18, 2013

Since it looked like this outside today, I didn't really feel up for taking outfit pictures. And, as soon as I stepped outside, I was covered in snow which made me look like a drowned kitten. 
Since drowned kittens aren't fun to look at, I put together some of my favorite spring pieces for you lovely readers! My roommate just got the floral jeans and I'm dying to steal borrow them from her. I've had my eye on the chevron dress as well by Daisy Rae Boutique. I love how you could dress it up with colorful accessories! I really hope it warms up soon, because looking through all of the spring clothing made me envious of my southern relatives. That says a lot considering I hate the heat. Happy Monday!

 Floral jeans, Polka dot skirt, Gingham top, Peplum top, Chevron dress

 Coral flats, Lavender satchel, Pink collar, Nude heels, Mint cuff