Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I don't know if you can tell from these pictures, but I'm pretty white. Like the blond version of Snow White, white. Being mostly German and Polish makes me a likely candidate for fair skin. For some reason though, my parents tan very easily, but my brother and I cannot. 

It doesn't bother me, I've come to love my fair skin! However, during the summer it's difficult not to blind people with the glare from the sun. (You think I'm kidding...) To compensate a bit, I'm trying an aerosol tanner. Hopefully I won't come out orange or streaky! 

Do you have any suggestions for a safe means to get a "tan"? I'd love to hear the products you use!

Sunnies: Nine West via Marshall's
Dress: Macy's
Belt: Target
Purse: Marshall's
Sandals: Target