Five Things

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I've decided to be a little more personal with you fine readers. I won't be telling you my whole life story, but I want to write posts every now and then that have five things you should know about me, my blog, etc.

What my hope is with this new feature on the blog is to be more than just a tiny blonde gal who likes to play dress up everyday. So without further ado, five things:

1. I never pay full price for clothing. I mean never. Not once. I've been told I'm very patient, but I think this shopaholics's crowning achievement is waiting (sometime weeks!) for a piece I want to go on sale.
2. I'm an aspiring photographer. Key word: aspiring. Photography truly is my passion and it's my dream to some day make it my career. However, I've got a ways to go yet. As you can tell in my pictures, I need to learn a bit more about how the sun casts shadows on subjects. It's a work in progress!
3. I have a black lab. Her name is Bella! She is at home which makes me miss her cute little face and the puppy kisses I receive when I wake up. My parents got her my freshman year of college (funny story...) so I only get to see her on breaks, which makes going home that much more enjoyable.
4. I'm a beauty addict. As some of my long time readers may know, I work at a beauty store back home. Since working there, I've developed a love for everything beauty related. My stash of beauty products is outrageous since I love trying out new products! I've sort of become the hairdresser and makeup artist in our apartment without taking a single class. I intend to write some posts in the future with tutorials or reviews of products I love.
5. My hair is naturally this color. Probably one of the most frequent compliments I get is about my hair. Followed by the question: "Is it natural?" I stupefy quite a few people by replying in the affirmative! My hair used to be nearly white when I was younger, but now I get a few highlights to brighten it up in the winter. My mom used to call it, "spaghetti hair" because when it was wet it looked like it. :)

Do you have any questions for me? Feel free to leave a comment and I'll be happy to answer them in future posts!
I hope you'll stop by tomorrow, I'll be co-hosting the Bloglovin' Collective with BreAnna from Peacoats and Plaid!

Top: Banana Republic (thrifted)
Sunnies: Street Vendor
Earrings: Target
Belt: Aldo
Capris: Marshall's
Sandals: Target