Pin Like a Champ!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I haven't done one of these posts in a while and I'm still obsessively actively pinning (it's an illness). Sometimes I find pins that have a lot of inspiration in a single picture. To me these are idea jackpots and useful tools for ideas on style, hair, makeup, etc. 
So today, I'm posting my recent pins of pictures loaded with inspiration and helpful hints that I've found useful. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest to see all of my pinspiration! (Cait Bons)

The text on this one is blurry, but you can find the full sized picture here.

 I love the universality of a chambray top, and this picture has so many ways to style one!

 Again, the quality isn't the best, but I know I always wonder what necklace to wear with what neckline. Original pin here

Buns, buns, buns! I love them all! :)

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  1. Love all the ways a chambray top can be worn! Pinning is definitely addicting...