Thursday, December 27, 2012

How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was pretty quiet, I worked on Christmas Eve, so that wasn't fun, but the rest was time spent with family. I really enjoyed my family's reactions to gifts, which was the best part of the day. As I said before, Santa got me an iPhone for Christmas, so I'm very excited to start incorporating more pictures onto the blog!
I want to try something new with The Petite Chronicles, by integrating more lifestyle aspects to the blog, rather than just outfits. Luckily, with my iPhone, I can do this a lot easier than carting my big camera around (which I probably will still do! hehe). I hope you enjoy this new aspect to the blog and I hope to introduce some more with the new year. Here's my life right now via Instagram (follow me: cbons13!)

From the Top, Left to Right: 1. A little leopard print scarf to spice things up!  2. The beginnings of the blizzard 3. My brother and I on Christmas Eve 4. My flats and blazer that were steals from Target 5. We got my dad Eric Clapton tickets!! 6. The puppy playing in the snow :)   

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