Sunday, April 29, 2012

I told you I was going to write a post about my top-secret beauty tips, well here it is! You just have to promise not to tell anyone........just kidding, tell anyone you think is cool enough to know. Now, some of these might be obvious, others might not, but if you have any other secrets or a beauty question, please leave a comment and let me know! 

1. Dark circle trouble
If you're like me, you struggle with frustrating dark circles that make you look like a raccoon.  The skin under your eyes is very sensitive, so applying cover up with your hands can cause blood vessels to burst, making the circles look even darker.  A quick and easy way to avoid this dilemma is to apply cover up with a brush, which will give you a more even coverage without making your circles look darker.  They're much gentler and not to mention it keeps bacteria that may be on your hands away from your eyes!  I love the EcoTools cover up brush and the best part is it is only around $5!

2.  Styling Issues
Do you have difficulty getting your hair to stay curled or styled because it's clean or too fine?  An easy way to solve this is by spraying some dry shampoo in your hair before styling.  It doesn't make your hair sticky like hairspray can, and it smells clean!  Plus, your hair does not look like it has a ton of product in it since dry shampoo is supposed to make your hair look clean. I use Tresemme's dry shampoo and it's only about $5!

3. Dirty brushes
Sick of paying ridiculous prices for brush cleaner? Look no more, you can clean your brushes for less than $2! Instead of paying for expensive brush cleaner (the cheapest I've found is around $10) you can use baby shampoo on them.  I usually just get the little travel sizes because you really don't need a lot to clean them.  All you do is put a small dab on the palm of your hand, run the brush under warm water, and gently swirl the brush in the shampoo.  Continue to do so until you no longer see product in the water and you get all of the shampoo out.  They usually have to sit overnight to dry completely so make sure you clean them when you have time to let them dry. The baby shampoo is gentle enough that it won't leave a residue or ruin your nice brushes!

4. Streaks from self-tanner
I know this is a BIG issue for a lot of women who want to safely get a tan without the sun.  You can fix this issue by exfoliating before you apply your self tanner.  By exfoliating, you get all of the dead skin cells off of your skin, which is what the tanner sticks to, causing streaks.  All you do is exfoliate while in the shower before you apply self tanner.  I suggest this awesome Tree Hut body scrub at Ulta that's on sale right now and smells really nice!

Well there you have it!  My top beauty secrets! Let me know if you have anymore or any questions and I'll post later with the answers/suggestions!