Oh what to say...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's almost a whole month since I've been home, and I feel as if I've done nothing this entire summer. It's really pretty sad, but I've only done about 3 things with friends since I've been back from PSU. I miss my friends from school a ton even though it's nice to be home and to see my friends here. All I've been doing really is working and hanging out with family! I love them and all, but I just need to have some time to myself.
I can attest to the saying "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" as being completely true. Not seeing Chris for a month is painful, but is going to make me value the time we do have together that much more. I got his letter in the mail yesterday and it just made my month :) It really made me realize just how lucky of a girl I am.
So I'm going to see Ingrid Michaelson on Thursday with Adele!! I'm soooo excited to
go and it'll be interesting driving in town for the first time by myself :) We went to see Get Him to the Greek last night and although it was really raunchy, I have to admit I laughed quite a bit! Russel Brand played none other than pretty much himself, well his character was very much like himself! But I'm going to get some sleep so I'll close with a Bible quote that I really like:

"You have ravished my heart with one glance of your eyes..." -Song of Songs 4:9