My Little Business

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chris got me hooked on a new hobby and I'm extremely glad because it not only brings me closer to God, but I can make a little money off of it too :) What is this new found hobby you ask? Well, it's rosary making!! I've already made 1 and a half (the second one isn't completely finished yet) and I'm hoping to make some more and possibly sell them. So by all means, if you or anyone you know wants or needs a rosary, please send them to me! I can also make bracelets as well as single decade rosaries if that's preferred. The website I go through is

Lewis and Company

So if you want a specific crucifix or cent
erpiece/charm, send me a link to it as well as a filled out order form and I should get it to you within 2 weeks! Thanks and God Bless!

Just a little preview, but this is a
picture of my brother's rosary I made for him (they aren't all going to look the same of course).