Little Flower

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

-->So I have been thinking about my semi-recent decision that really changed my life, and that was to start dating my boyfriend, Chris. At first, I was not sure if we should date or not, since he was my best friend. I came to realize that’s the best foundation to a good relationship, is to be best friends at first and then date, because then it’s effortless to talk about anything, and they know you like the back of their hand. I still cannot believe how incredibly lucky I am to receive someone who knows me so well and can pretty much read my mind, and I thank God everyday for giving me him.
We were both unsure if we should try dating or not at first, so we decided to say the novena to St. Therese of Lisieux, because we had heard she is great for helping with decisions. What is even more of a coincidence is the fact that when I looked up the novena, it was February 9, and the novena traditionally started on the ninth and ended on the 17th. Each day of the novena, we prayed 24 Glory Be’s as well as a short prayer to St. Therese found on this website:
On the ninth day of the novena, you may or may not see a rose for what favor you have asked for. Needless to say, Chris and I were a little worried going into Ash Wednesday whether or not either of us would see a rose. I was a little more specific with my selection of roses, and asked St. Therese to send me a yellow rose if Chris and I were to be friends and a pink rose if we were to date.
Something needs to be explained before I continue with my story; if you are in the Newman office in the student union building, DO NOT leave your computer open and Facebook logged in and leave the room. You are asking for someone to change the picture or all of your profile information before you get back to the office.
To continue, I happened to be in the Newman office with Chris on that ninth day of the novena, but neither of us had seen a rose yet. I left to get lunch or something and made the mistake of leaving my computer and Facebook logged in. Well, as you can imagine, Chris went in and made me a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, Flyers, and Phillies pages on my Facebook. I come back to that catastrophe disgruntled and attempting to no longer be associated with said teams by looking on their pages.
Lo and behold, on the list of fans for the Flyers page, one profile has a picture of a beautiful, pink rose. (Chris was no longer in the room at this point) I was ecstatic. St. Therese had answered my prayers. I told Chris about this and we were both extremely happy. We then made plans to go on a date for the following Friday, and the rest is history. I guess what I wanted to say with this is definitely pray if you are going to make a big decision in your life, because you never know what God will give you, but it could bring you so much happiness you never realized you could experience.