Pin Like a Champ!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

With only a week until Valentine's Day, I figured I'd give you some pins I've found that pertain to......LOVE! Love is one of those things to me, that isn't shared enough. I'm going to get all corny up in here, but love is so important. Loving ourselves, loving our friends, and last but not least, loving strangers (yep, you heard me!). I think all of these are equally important, but I find loving ourselves is a great foundation for the other two. 
So not just on February 14th, but leading up to that day and after, spread some love folks. 

 For those of you Office fans out there. A little Dwight humor :)

 Yarn covered letters, such an easy DIY decoration!

 As my boyfriend likes to put it, the best love story told without words. 

Super cute Valentine's cookies!