Thursday, November 15, 2012

I am finally done!! It literally feels like an elephant has been lifted off of my chest! Two papers and a debate later, I am all set for Thanksgiving break! Except for this whole packing thing...I need to work on that. But yay!! 
I'm so looking forward to going home and seeing my wonderful family and puppy! (she's not really a puppy, but she is to me hehe) My brain is so tired from working hard this semester and this will be the longest break I've had since summer (if you count working 7 days a week a break). 
I absolutely love Thanksgiving, how about you? I guess seeing the family is nice, but I'm in it for the food. I'm just kidding of course, I think it's the total experience that does it for me! My favorite dish that day is a toss up between my Dad's stuffing and my Mom's sweet potatoes. What's your favorite dish? Do you cook the standard turkey, or do something different? 
Since I look like a total bum today, I will be sharing with you a song I recently discovered that is great. I hope you enjoy it!


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