Pin Like a Champ!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

This gorgeous weather looks like it's sticking around until the weekend! It's so odd because the weatherman says it's going to snow on Halloween, when it's in the 70s right now. All I know is I'm trying to soak up this warm weather while I can! 
Today's installment of Pin Like a Champ features my favorite beauty inspiration, which is funny considering I didn't put any make up on today. My eyelashes are blonde, so I always feel like I look funny without mascara, but I had my early class today and didn't feel like doing any work.  Do you ever have those days where you just roll out of bed and hope people don't notice you don't have a spot of make up on? 
Everyone says to go light on make up during the summer, but I feel like I'm the opposite because of my job. Working at a cosmetics store, I always had to have make up on over the summer. It's refreshing now that I'm not required to have it on and can let my skin breathe a little bit. Do you have any go to looks for your make up or hair? Let me know! 
 I absolutely love this look! I want to try it sometime soon.
 This seems like a really easy way to get your hair out of the way while still looking cute.
 Cat eyes are my favorite eye look! What's yours?
 Chrome nails are so chic right now! I love the recent Essie collection.
 This looks like another easy but chic hairstyle I'm dying to try!